Quality Shared Hosting

There are various sorts of shared hosting plans appropriate for different sites in terms of the resources or the shared hosting environment they need. To pick the most adequate shared hosting service for your web portal, you need to judge what server-side software it requires, how many daily hits you anticipate at the start and in the future, as well as any other specific requirements that may need to be covered.

Shared web hosting - Virtues

The 35
Unlimited storage
Unlimited bandwidth
1 website hosted
30-Day Free Trial
$3.22 / month
The 56
Unlimited storage
Unlimited bandwidth
5 websites hosted
30-Day Free Trial
$5.15 / month

The most suitable option for small scale websites with several hundred or several thousand visitors is a shared hosting package. With this form of web space hosting, each customer pays only for their plan, which reduces the total price per customer radically. There are various web hosting packages varying from one web hosting vendor to another, supplying different amounts of disk space and monthly traffic, different electronic mail account quotas and so on. The good point is that you can pay for an account that will have the specifications your website in fact requires. You will not have to pay lots of money for a plan you will not make use of, or wind up with a small sized package that cannot shelter the web page. We, at Rincon Web Hosting, offer an enormous array of shared hosting accounts appropriate for private or small business web portals that even provide pre-activated script-based platforms like Joomla, Mambo, Drupal or WordPress - to make things easier. If you start with a low priced package and you require more resources, moving to a more powerful plan involves only a mouse click.

Shared Web Hosting - Weak Points

A negative aspect of the shared web hosting environment is that the hosting servers have some software applications installed on them and you cannot install new software. Certain online portals, chiefly web shops, need applications to be present on the hosting server for them to function, and with a shared hosting environment, you can install only software applications that do not require full root-level access.

VPS Servers and Dedicated Web Servers

For sites that demand full root access, or if your online portal has many 1000's or even millions of daily visitors, what you demand is a virtual private servers or a dedicated server. A private virtual web server is a software simulation of a dedicated hosting server and it acts in a strictly identical manner.

Private Virtual Servers

Both platforms traditionally include full server root privileges and can be restarted via a software tool by the client, autonomously from the web hosting provider. Just like the shared website hosting plans, the virtual private servers and the dedicated server web hosting accounts contain diverse functionalities depending on what the hosting vendor offers. A private virtual server hosting plan includes guaranteed disk space, RAM and central processing unit usage quotas that can sometimes be enlarged for brief spells of time if there are free system resources on the physical server. With a dedicated hosting server, the only limitation is the hardware it is availing of, and it can be upgraded by changing or appending components. A virtual web hosting server is simpler to run as it comprises a virtualization platform, which can be used to reboot it, to install software applications, examine statistics, and so on. The management of a dedicated server is more intricate, so such a package would rather be resorted to by competent clients.

Dedicated Servers

However, given web hosting suppliers provide managed dedicated server web hosting solutions where they perform web hosting server administration assignments on behalf of the client. This can be a part of plan or an extra upgrade.

Prior To Selecting...

Picking the top hosting package is vital as it can influence the stable operation of a site. Before picking a package, compare the pros and cons, check thoroughly all the requirements for the web site to operate properly, especially if it is script-powered. And if you are still unsure which one is the best shared hosting service for you, check with our live chat operators or give us a call - our sales representatives will be glad to assist you and answer all your questions.

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