Virtual Private Servers Definition

Virtual private servers offer a flexible and powerful solution for your heavy resource-devouring web sites and applications. You will get a secure and completely isolated web server environment and your virtual private servers will act exactly like a stand-alone dedicated hosting server.

You can restart your private virtual hosting server anytime you want and, with complete root access to the virtual machine at hand, you can activate any software applications you wish. With any of Rincon Web Hosting's VPS packages, you can manage IP addresses, memory, processes, applications, system libraries and configuration files autonomously of the rest of the virtual private servers hosting accounts on the same machine.

KVM and OpenVZ Virtual Private Servers Packages

VPS vBox 10
5 CPU Cores
330 GB Storage
$165.00 / month
VPS vBox 9
5 CPU Cores
270 GB Storage
$130.00 / month

Rincon Web Hosting's brand new line of KVM and OpenVZ-powered virtual private servers plans blends stability and reliability with a cost-effective price. Both virtualization technologies guarantee better resource utilization and a conflict-free environment for your apps.

With the moderately priced virtual private servers offered by Rincon Web Hosting, you have a guaranteed amount of CPU and memory resources. Rincon Web Hosting also guarantees 5-10 times faster data backups. Solid-state disks will guarantee faster speeds for your sites and applications, no matter how busy the machine itself is. The Memcached distributed memory caching system and the Varnish Cache web accelerator will speed up your web site even more.

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